Connections 102: Life Wisdom from the Herd

expand your emotional &
social intelligence skills

Building on the information learned in 101, Connections 102 with Linda Kohanov will help you engage more actively and assertively to foster safe, mutually respectful, and highly productive relationships.

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What will I learn?

Connections 102 is an advanced program that builds on the social and emotional proficiencies gained in Connections 101. This course teaches you how to combine the skills you learned with new principles to actively and assertively maintain productive relationships. You will learn techniques to break through apathy and resistance, as well as unique approaches for transforming fear, conflict, and aggression in others.

Maintain Boundaries

Learn a primarily nonverbal protocol that encourages others to respect the boundaries you set while increasing trust and cooperation.

Master Nonverbal Cues

Learn to read and respond to the nonverbal cues of others to help them think clearly, calm down, and avoid conflict to optimize your and their performance.

Understand the Power of Space

Unpack a life-changing relationship principle to promote emotional clarity and encourage more positive connections.

Master Emotional and Social Intelligence

Through her work with horses, Linda has spent her career helping people better understand themselves and others through social and emotional intelligence and reading nonverbal cues. Her unique and proven method will equip you with the tools to apply these skills to make healthy changes.

Motivate Others

Employ an assertiveness formula to stand your ground and direct others to perform specific goals.

Learn Emotional Strength Training

Practice a process to increase your and others’ tolerance for feeling vulnerable. Learn to recognize when someone’s aggression or lack of cooperation is related to this issue and what to do about it.

Overcome Fear

Learn a step-by-step process to manage fear and aggression.

Experience Connections 102

Who will benefit?

If you are ready to take a more active role in motivating others and maintaining more productive relationships rooted in respect, Connections 102 is for you—from leaders who want to nurture productivity to individuals who want to stand their ground and be respected in the world at large. Like Connections 101, this course was designed using a flexible personal platform that allows you to learn at your own pace.


What can we learn from horses?

Horses are dangerous when they become aggressive or fearful. Humans are the same way. The techniques used to set boundaries with horses, gain their cooperation, and calm them in challenging situations are also effective with people and other animals.

We came away energized and eager to put these principles into practice. I would definitely recommend Linda’s work both for personal mastery and team building.”

Sarah Severn, Senior Director, Nike, Inc.


What’s in the course?

Connections 102 is an extension of the Connections 101 course. This exclusive course combines demonstrations, lectures, storytelling, reenacted scenarios, explained scientific research, videos of natural horse behavior, and practical exercises led by Linda herself. Unpacked across three major Lessons, each with multiple parts for a total of three and half hours of course material.

Boundaries and Assertiveness (14 Parts, 2 hours 18 minutes)

Part 1: What Is a Boundary? (09:04)
Part 2: Space Is the Place (15:26)
Part 3: Rock Back and Sigh (05:58)
Part 4: The Importance of Facial Expression (08:12)
Part 5: A Full-bodied Conversation (21:15)
Part 6: Mutual Respect (02:44)
Part 7: Breathing, Posture, and Assertiveness (05:53)
Part 8: Putting It All Together (22:52)
Part 9: The Human Boundary Dance (08:35)
Part 10: The Ultimate Power Tool (07:27)
Part 11: Family Reunion (07:11)
Part 12: Optimal Assertiveness (08:17)
Part 13: Authentic Power (10:20)
Part 14: Graduation Day (05:10)

Increase Your Tolerance for Vulnerability (6 Parts, 53 minutes)

Part 1: Fear of Success? (06:20)
Part 2: The Challenge of Wide Open Spaces (10:49)
Part 3: The Core Dysfunction and the Gift Behind It (08:23)
Part 4: Acting Out (09:51)
Part 5: Emotional Strength Training (02:52)
Part 6: Progressive Strength Building (14:37)

Fear Management (5 Parts, 21 minutes)

Part 1: Control the Spin (03:15)
Part 2: Vague Intuitions (05:43)
Part 3: Personal Preparation (02:25)
Part 4: Help Others Differentiate Between Fear and Vulnerability (06:07)
Part 5: After the Meeting (03:29)

Bonus Materials

Live Monthly Zoom Calls with Linda: Join Linda each month on a live 2-hour Zoom call where you can ask her questions and interact with other Connections students.

Members Only Facebook Group: Join a private community of Connections students on Facebook to share in the learning process, celebrate wins, and seek support from like-minded individuals.

About Your Instructor

Linda Kohanov

Linda Kohanov is a world-renowned speaker, riding instructor, trainer, and author whose five books have been translated into multiple languages. In 1997 Linda founded Eponaquest, an equine-facilitated learning program she uses to teach people the skills needed to improve their leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, and emotional fitness. Linda and her team have trained over 300 instructors who offer Eponaquest-based programs across five continents.

How to Enroll

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Do I need experience with horses to benefit from this course?

No previous experience with horses is needed for you to benefit from this course. Whether you’re a horse enthusiast or you’ve never been around one before, the coursework brings teachings in a way you may not have thought of before. You won’t be learning about horses; you will be learning from them.

Will this help me in my job?

Absolutely! The techniques in this course can help you to better collaborate with different personalities, from aggressive to passive-aggressive, gain the trust of others, and become a positive force for change in the workplace. You will learn skills and techniques that can help shift the tone of the room, often without saying a word.

Will this help me if I work from home?

This course will help improve any work environment. The lessons learned can translate into better virtual-office skills, such as writing more effective emails, reading nonverbal cues over video conferences, and assessing verbal communication over the phone.


Can this course improve my outlook or help boost my creativity?

In this course, you will learn how to channel your emotions into a healthier mindset, quickly becoming more observant and mindful of the world around you. Don’t let your emotions run you. This course helps you learn how to harness them to become more thoughtful, creative, and productive in your daily life.

Can this help in my personal relationships?

Whether a spouse, a child, a neighbor, a friend, or a new prospective partner, all relationships are based on communication! This course gives you insight into how to improve communication and conflict management in current relationships while also helping you be a better judge of character when forming a new one.

Do I have to complete Connections 101 before I begin Connections 102?

Yes. It is highly recommended that you complete the Connections 101 course before you begin Connections 102. The lessons in this course utilize and expand upon the skills learned in 101.